Nathaniel Eras
On Nathaniel Eras' latest release 'Omniaglyph', the LA-based producer further averts any notions of genre diving headfirst into deeper, esoteric soundscapes and embracing the moodier elements that have punctuated his extensive catalog by pairing transfixing mystic beauty against a bleak, industrial sonic canvas. Taking an instinctual approach to his music, Eras' creative process merges sounds, patterns, and textures intending to open discussion and connect disparate musical ideas.

With a zeal for noise, minimalism, and dizzying sense of rhythmic prowess - 'Omniaglyph' wields power with restraint reminiscent of the adventurous IDM beat science of Autechre and the gritty sound design of Lee Gamble or Demdike Stare. Riding the fine line between technique-focused drone squall and idea-propelled ambient explorations, Eras' latest is potent tangling Eastern world music elements with spectral electronics.

While much of 'Omniaglyph' is a solitary effort, there are collaborative experiments with live instrumentation featuring saxophone (Scott Page of Pink Floyd), electric viola (Kathia Rudametkin), and musique concrète tape loops (Ana Reptiliana). Eras also sites inspiration from performance art and rave culture, scenes in which he is deeply entrenched running the collaborative ephemeral art space Vertexx.io which has hosted some of Los Angeles' most interesting multi-disciplinary shows and underground parties in recent memory. 

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Sept 14 2020 ︎
OUT NOW - “Catholic Guilt” the second single from body / negative’s upcoming album Fragments.

Available on all digital platforms.

Fragments will be released on 10/23/20
Album Pre-orders coming soon!

Sept 14 2020 ︎
body / negative’s new single “Catholic Guilt” from their upcoming album Fragments out this Friday, 09/18/2020.

Available on all digital platforms.

Stay tuned for more info.

AUG 21  2020 ︎
Today we’re excited to share body / negative’s new single and video “Figure 8” from their upcoming album Fragments available on 10/23/20.

Available on all DSPs.

Stay tuned for more info.

AUG 17 2020 ︎
We are excited to announce our newest member of the Track Number Records family body / negative.

Their new release “Fragments" will be available Oct. 23rd. 2020.

New single out this Friday, August 21st.
Stay tuned!

MAR 2020 ︎
Nathaniel Eras on Tour with 011668, Tr4vieza, Lucid Interval + More. Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana

JAN 2020 ︎
Schwarzmodul performing at BL_K NOISE Los Angeles, CA.


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