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Skirting the fringes of many celebrated music scenes in Los Angeles, multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Eras' new album Purified links Eastern rhythmic and tonal ideas with contemporary R&B, dizzying beats, and an impeccable indie sensibility. A collaborative effort with seven different female singers, these bottom-heavy modern club structures are balanced by a feminine energy that melodically manifests itself in contrast to Eras' affection for exploring off-the-grid tones and droning soundscapes. The resulting mixture is an intoxicating work of unique electronic pop culled from synergic experiments that give voice to Eras' shadowy productions.

Taking inspiration from impressionist and avant-garde periods of classical music, Eras was particularly interested in futurist composers like Debussy and Satie incorporating their fascination of new Eastern sounds. Mindfully connecting these Eastern ideas into a more familiar Western template served as a starting point for much of Purified. Interested in exploring the ambiguous sounds between notes and non-traditional scales, the album's exotic melodic approach meshes well with the Southeast Asian percussive elements (specifically Gamelan) that are woven into Eras' expansive palette - inferring IDM mutations of UK Bass, Footwork, Garage, House, and Techno.

The nocturnal atmosphere of Purified's lead single "Angels (Feel It Inside)" is illuminated by Grace Hall's (Skin Town, Lindstrom) melancholy that gives way to the daybreak of faith and optimism. The flickering minor-key melodies and tribal percussive ideas on "Shadows Roam" envelop Alexandra Johnstone's (White Dove) spectral voice, and exemplifies Eras' ability to seamlessly mix disparate elements into compelling, otherworldly pop. More beat-centric moments like "Diamond Eyes" and "Heavenly Creatures" are propelled by the melodic Southeastern percussion and steered by ethereal narratives by Anika Perkins and Big Bugs. The album's centerpiece "Everything" rides snappy, skittering rhythms while Deija Marie's voice aligns with manipulated vocal layers and snippets for an effect that is equally hallucinogenic and catchy.

Press Quotes:

"Los Angeles-based producer Eras creates the perfect mixture of indie and electronic pop. Inspired by futuristic composers like Claude Debussy and Erik Satie, he has managed to incorporate eastern vibes into the sound, lending an air of mystical to his melodies" NYLON MAGAZINE

"For two minutes, the original "Angels" is weighted in an ambient glitch, a time loop of Hall in a self-fulfilling prophecy of dying, until Eras bursts the atmospheric sound into a frenetic state" IMPOSE MAGAZINE

"Layering bubbling synths over hasty, syncopated drum beats, Eras creates a soothing, otherworldly soundscapes" FADER MAGAZINE



Aug 13th 2021 ︎
Today we’re excited to share with you body / negative’s “Fragments Remixed” EP

Available on all digital platforms.

Remixes by:
Wilshire Corridor

Fragments Remixed is a collaborative EP of tracks reworked and reimagined by a collection of body / negative’s most admired musical artists. Entirely redone remotely and with complete creative freedom, the six artists brought on by body / negative’s Andy Schiaffino were encouraged to breathe their own life into Fragments, their 2020 release.

July 30th 2021 ︎
Out Now:
“Figure 8 (Amulets remix)” the second single from body / negative’s upcoming EP “Fragments Remixed”.

Available on all digital platforms.

Fragments Remixed” will be available on  Auguts 13, 2021.

Pre-order EP on Bandcamp.

July 16 2021 ︎
Out Now:
body / negative’s new single and video “Safe As House (Tempers rework)” from their upcoming EP Fragments Remixed available on August 13, 2021.

Single available on all digital platforms.

Click HERE for video.

Pre-order digital release on bandcamp.

Video directed by: Francesca Ruth Levi

Mastered by: Dylan Neal

Stay tuned for more info.

July 07 2021 ︎
We’re excited to share an early preview of body / negative’s new single “Safe as Houses (Tempers rework)” from their upcoming EP  "Fragments Remixed"

Stay tuned for more info.

June 18 2021 ︎
Out Now:
body / negative - Song To The Siren (feat. Vinyl Williams)

Available on all digital Platforms.

Feb. 17 2021 ︎
New Merch:
Limited Edition body / negative tote bags.
Limited to 25 bags.
Artwork by: Shelby Ballestero

Dec. 26 2020 ︎
body / negative Reform Radio guest show. Click HERE

Nov 20 2020 ︎
body / negative - Fragments feature on bandcamp “The Shortlist”.

Nov 19 2020 ︎
VIDEO PREMIERE: Alt Citizen premieres body / negative’s new video “The Big Sleep” (feat. Void of Course) from their debut album “Fragments” out now on all digital platforms.

Pre-Order Limited Edition Marbled Opaque vinyl available on December, 18 2020.

Oct 23 2020 ︎
OUT NOW: body / negative’s debut album “Fragments” available on all digital platforms.

Pre-Order Limited Edition Marbled Opaque vinyl
out December, 18 2020.

Oct 20 2020 ︎
Janky Smooth discusses “Fragments” with body / negative.
Oct 16 2020 ︎
OUT NOW - “The Big Sleep” feat. Void of Course the third single from body / negative’s upcoming album Fragments.

Available on all digital platforms.

Fragments will be out on 10/23/20

Pre-order Limited Edition vinyl.
Oct 14 2020 ︎
mxdwn PREMIERE: body / negative new song “The Big Sleep” feat. Void of Course.

Oct 05 2020 ︎
Fluid Radio reviews body / negative’s upcoming album Fragments.

Sept 28 2020 ︎
Fifteen Questions an interview with body / negative.

Sept 19 2020 ︎
OUT NOW - “Catholic Guilt” the second single from body / negative’s upcoming album Fragments.

Available on all digital platforms.

Fragments will be released on 10/23/20

Album Pre-orders coming soon!

AUG 21  2020 ︎
Today we’re excited to share body / negative’s new single and video “Figure 8” from their upcoming album Fragments available on 10/23/20.

Available on all DSPs.

Stay tuned for more info.

AUG 17 2020 ︎
We are excited to announce our newest member of the Track Number Records family body / negative.

Their new release “Fragments" will be available Oct. 23rd. 2020.

New single out this Friday, August 21st.
Stay tuned!

MAR 2020 ︎
Nathaniel Eras on Tour with 011668, Tr4vieza, Lucid Interval + More. Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana

JAN 2020 ︎
Schwarzmodul performing at BL_K NOISE Los Angeles, CA.


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